While attributes are innate skills can be learned throughout the course of a character's life. To use a skill a character rolls a number of d10s based on the mastery of the skill in question added to the value of the attribute in order to achieve a number of successes equal to or greater than the difficulty of the test. A roll of six or higher is a success and a roll of one is a failure and negates a single success. If more failures than successes are rolled a critical failure has occurred and the GM is encouraged to come up with creative disasters. The mastery of each skill depends on the number of skill points the character has accumulated in the skill. Skill points are roughly equal to six months of study and work towards improvement.

Skill Points Mastery Dice rolled
0 Unskilled 0d10
1-5 Novice 1d10
6-10 Apprentice 2d10
11-20 Journeyman 3d10
21-40 Expert 4d10
41-70 Master 5d10
71+ Legendary 6d10
Task Difficulty Target Number
Everyday  0
Routine 1
Average 2
Challenging 3
Hard 4
Daunting 5
Formidable 6
Impossible 7

eg. Valerian has a Journeyman rating in Climbing and a Strength of 3 in order to scale a cliff face (a challenging act according to his GM) he must roll 6d10 and achieve three successes after any failures have been taken into account.

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